8th International Congress on Rural Tourism


Günter Exel (Tourismuszukunft – Realizing Progress).

Günter Exel :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural de Navarra

Günter Exel is a marketing, web and social media consultant from Wördern, Austria. Before starting his own business in 2007,

he was editor-in-chief of various travel trade magazines and marketing manager of an Austrian tour operator.

Since 2009, he has been live tweeting from touristic events, conferences, trade fairs, conventions and barcamps. Combining his journalistic, touristic and technical expertise, he has developed a unique way of storytelling with @TravelLiveCC, the first real time travel report live on Twitter.

In 2014, Exel joined the leading German eTourism consultancy Tourismuszukunft – Realizing Progress as its first Austrian network partner.

Lecture: Smart Experiences: How Real Time Content Changes our Communication [ Summary ]


Richard Millington, Founder of FeverBee

Richard Millington :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural de Navarra

Richard Millington is the founder of FeverBee, author of Buzzing Communities, and a frequent speaker at online community events around the world.

Richard’s unique focus is on cracking the ‘social code’ behind successful social groups. FeverBee’s approach combines cutting edge social psychology with advanced data insights and a library of repeatable case studies to transform audiences, employees, and customers into united, supportive groups.

Over the past 13 years, Richard has helped to develop over 150 successful communities, including those for Google, The World Bank, Oracle, Amazon, Autodesk, Lego, The United Nations, Novartis, and many more.

Richard has delivered keynote talks in many countries, including the USA, Canada, UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Australia, Turkey, Switzerland, Romania, and Lithuania. He has also hosted sold-out conferences in London and San Francisco, creating a forum where a community of professionals could connect and share their expertise with one another.

Lecture: People will talk: the real value of online communities and how to manage them. [ Summary ]


David Johnstone, Managing Director at After Digital

David Johnstone :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural de Navarra

Responsible for driving the growth and direction of the agency, David has worked with the company for over 12 years helping it go from strength to strength.

His academic background in software development perfectly positions him to work with our clients in establishing clear goals and objectives for their digital projects.

Combined with over 15 years experience in sales for AD, Hewlett-Packard and the Phoenix Car Company he brings client-facing expertise and a sound understanding of the e-business market and UX design to the role.

David has overseen complex digital solutions for the likes of EDF Energy, People Make Glasgow, Azure and Atlas Hotels.

Lecture: The future of online search: how to involve people [ Summary ]


Catharina Fischer, Tourismuszukunft (Germany)

Catharina Fischer

Catharina has been responsible for the Social Media department of the German tourism office where she has been responsible for the Social Media strategy with German brand influencers in more than 12 countries.

He has more than eight years of experience in tourism marketing and sales, and more than five years in social media marketing internationally.

She is currently a freelance consultant for Tourismuszukunft, one of Germany’s leading online consultancy networks.

Lecture: How to engage with your customer in the digital age – Design your digital customer experience. [ Summary ]


José Luis Córdoba, Managing Director at Andalucia Lab.

José Luis Córdoba

José Luis has been involved in Travel SMEs Digitalization since 2007. Currently Managing Andalucía Lab, a department of a

Government Agency that tries to boost the digital and technological competitiveness of the Small companies that make up Andalucía Travel Industry.

Before that he was the Promoter and First Director at CINNTA, aTourism Technological Center focused on the development of ICT solutions adapted to the needs of Small Companies.

He has a Business Administration Degree from Universidad de Navarra and an AMP from IE, regular contributor to University and active in Social Media.)


Erik van Erp, founder AroundTheGlobe.nl

Erik van Erp

Erik started his travel blog in 2002, deriving from what is now the most important independent travel community in the Netherlands. Erik has become a nomadic traveler, knows the needs of travelers.

In the last 10 years he has used his knowledge of technology to develop tools that provide support to travelers during their travels.

Erik is a lecturer in travel and university events and is one of the founders of travelbloggers.nl, a platform where travel bloggers, online journalists, advertisers and online magazines work together to collaborate, amplify each other, and share knowledge.

Lecture: The business case for SEO ¬ how to get Google love you [ Summary ]


Claudia Kohl, Managing director Kohl & Partner GmbH (Austria)

Claudia Kohl :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural

International MBA-Study (Master of Business Administration) at the Danube University Krems.

Miscellaneous practice experience in international companies worldwide in the areas of Hotel industry, Gastronomy, Tourism Organizations, Event management, Marketing & PR, Banking and Semiconductor industry.

Focus: Tourism Attractions & Destinations, Culture tourism, mobility, industry & tourism, Tourism Quality initiatives with mystery guest checks and Cross-functional themes.

Lecture: 8 theses for the success of the new entities of tourism promotion of destinations (DMO) in 2025



Jaime Izquierdo Vallina

Jaime Izquierdo Vallina :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural de Navarra

Infiesto (Asturias), 1958. Degree in Geological Sciences, 1981. Public official since 1983. Works in the environment, applied ecology and territorial development.

He is a writer and author of several manuals and essays: Manual for agents of rural development (2001); The return of Mr. Hoffmann and other stories of the entire environment (2005); Marquesses, Political Officials and Pastors (2006); Asturias, agropolitana region (2008); My father’s house (2012); The cultural conservation of nature (2013) and – in print – The creative management of anger (2017).

He is Ford Prize for Heritage Conservation (1991) and César Manrique Prize (2003).

Likewise, he is the promoter of the thought-gathering “We change the world for a plate of lentils”.

Lecture: Intrinsic values: the soul of a territory – how to communicate it?


Mario Schumacher

Mario Schumacher :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural de Navarra

Mario is the author of the book “Blogtrip Costa Blanca: A trip to the emotions”.

Consultant in Social Media and Video-Marketing, Advisor and Strategist in Social Media for companies like AR Hotels Calpe and ARX Asociación Restauradors Xàbia / Jávea. Social Media Estrategist de Xàbia Turisme / Turismo de Jávea 2013/14.

Co-Organizer and Advisor of the Mediterránean Dive Show 2013 and Dreamtrip #CuencaEnamora 2014. Organizer of Blogtrip Costa Blanca 2012, #Calpemocion 2013 and # xabia365 in 2014. Organizer of the tourist campaigns in Fitur # xabia365 in 2014 and #CalpePorElMundo 2015.

Organizer Of Presenting Cuenca for European Residents on the Costa Blanca (Spain) 2016.

Lecture: Blogtrip: a new form of tourism promotion.


Diego Pons, author or Viajando con Diego

Diego Pons :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural de Navarra

Diego, the author of the blog “Viajando con Diego”, is an entrepreneur who turned his hobbies of traveling and recording videos into a way of life using modern computer technology like YouTube … he became a “travel video-blogger”.

His “videoredorded” trips have taken up a lot of media space of all kinds, sponsored by Lenovo, Iberdrola, Ford Europe, Avis, or Iberia, and traveling to places like Finland, France, Scotland, or driving from Buenos Aires to Mexico.

Lecture: Creation of content with heart and impact for destinations and companies of the tourism sector.




Ana Alonso, EscapadaRural.com Communication Department Manager

Ana Alonso :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural

Ana Alonso is a professional who has been working for more than fifteen years in the world of communication. She holds a degree in Information Science from the UAB, completing her studies with a Master in Marketing and Online Marketing Strategies applied to tourism at the CETT-UB university.

He currently leads the EscapadaRural.com Communication Department, the specialized portal that brings together the largest offer of rural tourism in Spain (90% of the total). From this position he has developed an intense work in the area of ​​institutional relations. With this objective it has approached different projects in collaboration with the Administration and local Associations.

Ana is in charge of the Observatory of Rural Tourism, a study in which the CETT-UB university and online survey firm Netquest collaborate. This research project has been developing since 2013 and brings unprecedented information of great value to know and improve the competitiveness of the sector. Previously, in her professional career, Ana was part of the Marketing Department of the Axel Hotels chain.


Annie Bennet, journalist, Mooching Around Spain blog editor.

Annie Bennet :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural

Annie, as she defines herself on her blog, spends most of her time mooching around Spain, ostensibly researching articles for national newspapers and magazines, but really just sitting in cafes, reading the paper and drinking wine.

She writes for The Daily and the Sunday Telegraph and is the Spain expert at Telegraph Travel. She has also contributed to The Guardian and Observer, The Times, The Financial Times, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, The Independence and Independent on Sunday, Conde Nast Traveler, Elle, Red, Living Spain & Time Out, among others.

She has written the books “National Geographic Traveler Madrid”, “Blue Guide Madrid”, “Blue Guide Barcelona” and “Art Shop Eat Barcelona”. Somehow she has won some awards over the years, including ‘Spain Travel Writer of the Year’.

Lecture: The challenge of communicating the destination in a new context.


Iván González Gómez, CEO Eventium Project.

Eventium Project, based in Tenerife, is a consultancy company dedicated to developing innovative projects from creativity andIván González Gómez :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural


Its field of action is, above all, tourism, heritage and culture, three sectors that it understands as one, considering the cultural heritage as the main tool of diversification and authentication of the tourist offer of the islands.

They bet on a living vision of heritage and offer initiatives based on technological innovation to achieve a better experience for those who enjoy their projects.



Itxaso Bruna, tourism of Asociación de Desarrollo Rural de Gorbeialde.

Itxaso Bruna :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural

Graduated in Tourism from the University of Deusto of Bilbao in 2013 and focused on destination management and sustainability, Itxaso currently helps the region of Arratia-Nervión to develop the tourism destination Gorbeia.

Its main objective is to promote destination tourism by integrating various tourist agents such as companies, associations, population and public agents, to develop creative and effective strategies that diversify, bring quality and bring cultural, natural heritage and sustainability to the Gorbeia natural environment And the tourist who visits them.




Álvaro Carrillo de Albornoz Braojos, General Manager Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH)

Álvaro Carrillo de Albornoz :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural

Alvaro Carrillo de Albornoz is an aeronautical engineer and MBA from Instituto de Empresa.

He began his career in the world of aviation, to shift almost immediately to ENDESA, where he spent four years in strategic consulting and another 4 to Technology and Innovation, responsible for Finance and External Relations R & D Company in a corporate level.

In January 2008, became part of the ITH as Director General, combining this activity with teaching at the Instituto de Empresa. It is also coordinator of the working group 2 WG2 Systems Innovation Management, within the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) / Technical Comitee (TC) 389 Innovation Management CEN / TC 389.

Lecture: Innovation and competitive intelligence: two pillars for the future of tourism industry. [ Summary ]


Patricia Miralles Marugán, Project Manager at Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH)

Patricia Miralles :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural

Bachelor’s degree in Economics Specialty rural and urban economic development from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Executive Master in Tourism Enterprises from EOI.

She is currently Project Manager of Hotel Technology Institute (ITH), which is responsible for the proposal and project management of R+D+i.

Previously, he was responsible for industry projects from SEGITTUR and Head of the SME area from SETESA (public entity in charge of the changeover to the Euro).

It is also coordinator of the Technology Platform-ThinkTur Tourism and professor of innovation and technology in several universities and speaker in several congress and professionals events.


Eli Díez Urquizu, tourist management technician in the Matarraña county council.

Eli Díez Urquizu :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural

Diploma in Tourism at the University of Girona, and Master of Planning and Management of OMT-UOC Tourist Destinations.

Lucky to live and work in Matarraña, province of Teruel, Aragon. 22 years of experience in tourism, my beginnings as an entrepreneur taught me that illusion, constancy, and effort are necessary in any project.

I transferred the company to my husband and his brothers to occupy the position of tourism management technique in the Matarraña Regional Council.

At the moment I am in love and happy of my work, happy to have passed through the private sector, it has offered me many knowledge that from the public sector sometimes forget, as the economic viability and, above all, the illusion in the projects.

Lecture: You are the destination [ + info ]


Marlies Glatz, Marketing Manager at Urlaub am Bauernhof, Austria

Marlies Glatz :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural

Marlies is the head marketing at the Austrian Farmholidays Association (Urlaub am Bauernhof) in Carinthia, the southernmost region of Austria. Since early 2016, she has been responsible for membership management, online marketing campaigns and social media strategy.

In her responsibility, she emphasized the importance of being bookable online and increased the number of tourism farms that can be booked online to a quarter of all members.

In her other role as marketing director, Glatz set up a campaign for Farmholidays in Austria. “Wie wir leben” focuses on authenticity of rural life at a farm and aims to everyone that want to life a true farm experience. The campaign was very well received, having won a prestigious ad campaign award, the CREOS.


José Luis Sarralde, founder of Guías Viajar

José Luis Sarralde :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural

Journalist with more than 25 years of experience as editor and editor of magazines, and in the management of the publishing business at Motorpress Ibérica and G + J of the Bertelsmann group, in 2008 he launched his personal travel blog project Guías Viajar where he comes applying his experience since 1998 as director of Internet in these publishing groups.

In these years Guides Viajar has become the travel blog referring in Spain in audience and relevance in social networks, and has been one of the founders of the professional group of travel bloggers Travel Inspirers, which for five years has been developing novel formulas for promoting destinations and companies through blogs and social networks.

These professional work formulas have led Travel Inspirers to collaborate in the promotion with outstanding national and international destinations, as well as leading companies in the travel sector, with very effective results based on their accumulated metrics of more than 1.2 million unique users per month on blogs, 750,000 followers on Facebook and 150,000 followers on Twitter.


Ana Santos, founder of Eventosfera

Ana Santos :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural

With a broad track record in digital communication for companies, in 2009 he founded Eventosfera Marketing y Comunicación Digital with the objective of developing and adapting MARCOM strategies for events and companies.

He has developed communication plans and digital strategies for different business sectors: major events such as Campus Party Spain, Innova Bilbao, TedxBilbao and Sherpa Summit. Currently in the promotion of destinations in Andalusia with Turismo Andaluz and Tourist Board of Granada. She is also an external consultant for communication in the energy sector of Bizkaia Gas Bay, the AquaDat technology and the Pago de Carraovejas, Ossian Vides and Vinos wineries, Josep Grau Viticultor and the restaurant of Segovia José María.

The quote that heads his profile and guides his work is Philippe Tourchet: “To seduce is not to impress communicating in a perfect way, but to move communicating in a human way”.

Andrés Romero, project manager at Asiri Marketing y and technology editor at Hosteltur.

Andrés Romero :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural

Graduated in Tourism and with work experience in the sector. A “long” trajectory that has led me to have an applied vision of tourism from practice. I have gone through travel agency, tour guide, reception in hotels, online marketing in the field of camping and finally consulting, the part that has hooked you the most and from which you love to help others project to be better and to market it.

Currently dedicated to the development, management and advice of online marketing projects for the tourism sector from the online communication agency Asiri Marketing. Editor in the section of Innovation in the media reference in tourism Hosteltur. He is passionate about online marketing from a strategic point of view and how to be able to offer the right product, at the right time, to the right customer, one of the maxims of a market saturated with online and offline impacts.


Luca Bocci, Marketing Manager ONT Norway in Spain

Luca Bocci :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural

Born in Milan (Italy), Bachelor in Communication and Marketing and PhD in Political Science.

After several commercial experiences in different sectors Luca began his communication career at the Tourist Office of Denmark in Milan, as coordinator of the press office.

Later as Marketing consultant in the Tourist Office of Norway in Milan and since 2000 as Marketing Manager of the Tourist Office of Norway in Spain.

Nowadays he is also professor of Marketing in courses of Marketing and tourism in different universities of Spain.


Joseba Cortazar, Communication Director of Homeaway for Spain and Portugal

Joseba Cortázar :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural

Journalist and communication consultant specialized in Internet and Tourism. From its position it leads the external and internal communication of the group of webs of greater vacation rental of the world (with marks like HomeAway, Homelidays and Toprural).

Cortazar was director of communication for Toprural, the leading rural tourism portal in Europe, before its acquisition by the American group Homeaway. Joseba developed his previous professional career in prestigious international communication agencies such as Burson Marsteller, from which he led the communication of multinationals such as Pernod Ricard España, Grupo Carrefour, Fagor Electrodomésticos, Laboratorios Pfizer, Allied Domecq España or Tripictures, among others. Also, he is dedicated to teaching and is part of the faculty of Kschool and IAB Spain.

Joseba Cortazar, holds a degree in Information Science from the University of the Basque Country and a Master’s degree in Corporate Communication from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


Esther Lorente Mateo, founder and manager of Riojania

Esther Lorente :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural

She studied Philology. Her professional career has been directed to the company, incorporating creative and communicative processes, towards the creation of a new concept of marketing. Expert in innovation and differentiation. Founder and manager of the Riojania tourism company, which manages an offer of accommodation, workshops and seminars given in villas with a high experiential content and in wine tourism, such as, among others, the Calado Museum Winery of the 18th century.

Lecturer, author of books, short stories, essays and scripts. She has published the book “Riojania Turismo Rural de Sensaciones” with the University of La Rioja, for study in the Faculties of Tourism and Business. She has had news in TV, specialized magazines and in press. She participates in debate tables, and as speaker in conferences and congresses on issues related to innovation, differentiation, tourism and implementation of emotions. She has obtained different awards and recognitions, among them the National Award for Innovation of the Ministry AGRAMA, First Entrepreneurs Federation Entrepreneurs Award, Entrepreneurship Award from the Chamber of Commerce and the Chair of Entrepreneurs of the University and Accreditation of Excellence at EFQM.

She is the manager of the consulting company Europe Innova and appointed external consultant of the public company La Rioja Turismo S.L.U.

Javier López, Museo Inacabado de Arte Urbano (MIAU)

Javier López :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural

Javier López, neighbor of Fanzara, president of the Association “Museo Inacabado de Arte Urbano (MIAU)” [Unfinished Museum of Urban Art] of Fanzara. Javier is part of the volunteer working group that organizes the MIAU festival, which has already been held 3 editions (2014-15-16), where more than 50 urban artists from around the world have spent more than 105 works urban art.

Unfinished Museum of Urban Art (Museo Inacabado de Arte Urbano- MIAU). The project: A museum with no doors, no windows, no watchmen, no entrance fee. The museum is the whole town and the content is displayed in its streets and squares. A group of friends, neighbors of the town (the collective MIAU) had an idea: they would change their town through art and culture. A social project of coexistence that has united the neighbors and located Fanzara (300 inhabitants, located in the region of Alto Mijares, Castellón) on the national and international map.

Nagore Espinosa Uresandi

Nagore Espinosa :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural

Dr. Nagore Espinosa Uresandi is coordinator of the International Network on Regional Economics, Mobility and Tourism – INRouTe, director of in2destination research and consultancy in tourism, expert consultant for UNWTO, professor for the University of Deusto, and evaluator of I+D+i projects for various organisms.

Previously, she was President of Destino for ENTER2016, she has been researcher and project manager for the cooperative research center in tourism CICtourGUNE, invited teacher for several masters in tourism in Spain and Italy, Guest investigator at the Centro Internazionale di Studi sull’Economia Turistica CISET, Events Manager for Naider and Director of Business Relations for TURESPAÑA at the Spanish Tourism Office in New York (USA), among other recent highlights. He is also a member of the Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA), a member of the International Federation of Innovation and Tourism Technologies (IFITT).

It has several works published by the WTO, as well as academic publications and contributions at international conferences. His professional career has developed in Europe (Spain, England and Italy) and in America (United States and Colombia) and Asia (Timor Leste, Indonesia and Myanmar).

Lecture: How to measure the sustainability of a territory. [ + info ]

Miguel Ángel Catalán Montañana

Miguel Ángel Catalán :: congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural

Professional specialized in tourism, new technologies and management skills. He has extensive experience in the tourism sector, developing training and advisory services to tourist companies since 2003. He began his professional career as a webmaster at CTV (Centro Telemátic Valenciá) in the 1990s. He later held the position of Product Manager in the marketing department of Wanadoo Spain.

He has advised and trained some of the main hotel chains on the Costa Blanca, helping them to define and execute online marketing strategies and social networks. At the moment it compagina the teaching in the centers of tourism of the Valencian Community, forming the professionals of the sector. He is a teacher and adviser at INVATTUR (Valencian Institute of Tourist Technologies), he is part of the team of teachers of the program for entrepreneurship “Invattur Emprende”. He teaches at the EOI (School of Industrial Organization), where he teaches courses and tutorial tasks for the improvement and implementation of new business models.

He is an adviser in the town council of Finestrat in the tourist area and of ‘smart destinations’. It has also carried out training and improvement processes in each of the local administration departments, focusing on areas of team management, decision making, motivation and efficiency.

He has been responsible for the School of Negotiation (ENE) in the area of ​​levante, director and trainer of the course Social Media Strategist specialist in tourism, in the CdT of Benidorm. In the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, he has worked closely with the Leisure Industry Center of Mijas (CIO Mijas), teaching in the Master “expert in planning and tourism consultancy” and several specialization courses in negotiation and professional skills. He has been professor in the online course of “Strategic Negotiation” of the University Pablo Olavide of Seville. He has participated in the summer courses of the said University by giving seminars of repute online in the tourism sector. Has taught courses and conferences in the confederations of entrepreneurs of the Valencian Community, Andalusia, Extremadura, Catalonia and Madrid.

Lecture: Technical, tourist and social dynamization: The intelligent development of rural environment. [ + info ]

Chema Ramón, founder & manager of La Casa del Río rural hotel

Chema Ramón (La Casa del Río) :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural

Chema Ramón, restless, explorer of the next, rural entrepreneur, “learner” of almost everything, hunter of dreams … Together his wife Marta realized their great vital project of creating our own way of life, the Rural Hotel La Casa del Rio , Located in the Heart of the Pyrenees, the Benasque Valley. In this way they immersed themselves in the interesting world of Rural Tourism.

Since 1994, Chema has been immersed in the world of active tourism, when he founded Dánica Pesca Guides, the first Fishing Guides company in Spain to teach people to enjoy another of their great passions, Fly Fishing, and with it continue to enjoy the rivers of the Pyrenees and Patagonia. It collaborates actively in the Board of several tourist associations (ATEVB Tourism and Business Association of the Benasque Valley, TDA Turismo Deportivo de Aragon, Turismo Verde de Aragón, BTT Puro Pirineo Center, etc.) which believes that they contribute value to our territory since Optimism and effort. Convinced 100% that the Passion is a weapon of mass construction and that our Mountains and Villages have much to contribute.

Chema is part of ESNEPI’s team of trainers on the themes of RRSS, Internet strategies and Rural Tourism to teach and continue to share learning in collective processes with all rural entrepreneurs in a Real way (lives day to day rural accommodation), Close (they are advanced users of the channels, programs and dynamics that teach to work) and Personal (you know that each business is a different reality and you have to adapt the learning dynamics to each one).

An outspoken advocate of social media as a tool for inspiration, training and sales. They are considered providers of memorable and memorable moments and for this they put all their capacity and personal availability in achieving it, having achieved to date of this form more than 53,000 followers in Facebook. For them, memorable moments are provoked, lived for and enjoyed and shared later. They use social networks to seduce, incite, share and remember; Are his great allies. They are immersed in the change from “travel and visit” to “live, discover and share” and convinced that the best way to seduce new guests is to pass on their love for what they want.

Juan Requejo Liberal, Consultor del Plan Estratégico de Turismo de Navarra

Juan Requejo Liberal :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural

Economist and geographer, Planning consultant, practicing at At Clave and Arenal Gc. In the more than thirty years of accumulated experience he has advised various international organizations (United Nations, European Commission) to governments of other countries (Morocco, Dominican Republic, Mozambique), regional governments (Andalusia, Basque Country, Castile and Leon, Extremadura) and other public administrations. At the time he has rendered his services of planning consultant to SMEs for the definition of policies of companies and plans of investments.

He has directed more than 40 plans in various areas such as territorial development, tourism, energy, environment, local development and land management, among which are regional tourism plans in Asturias and Andalusia. He has been a member of the Horizon 2020 Expert Committee of Spanish Tourism and is a teacher in several master’s degrees in development, environment, tourism and energy. As a visiting professor, he has taught in various courses related to planning; And is the author of several publications on these subjects.

Berta Nunes, president of AECT ZASNET

Berta Nunes :: Congreso Internacional de Turismo Rural

Berta holds a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Faculty of Medicine of Porto, where she received the António de Almeida Engineer Award for being the best ranked nationally. Worked in the Health Center of Alfândega da Fé from 1985 to 2006. Member and president of the Municipal Assembly of Alfândega da Fé, was elected to the table of the Congress of ANMP (National Association of Municipalities) from 1994 to 1997. In that position Was member of several specialized committees and represented to the ANMP the National Council of the Family. Member of the Advisory Council of FNAM (National Federation of Medical Unions), is currently a member of the National Commissioner of General Medicine of FNAM

He belonged to Rural WONCA, a group of rural doctors around the world who study and research specific aspects of health problems in rural areas. He was a member of the Euripa Board, a European association of rural doctors.

Founding member and President of APBE (Association for the Promotion of Wellness), an association of young people working in the area of ​​health promotion since 1995. She was Director of the Health Center of Alfândega da Fé from 1996 to 2002, winning several prizes Of quality at national and European level.

He received his doctorate in Community Medicine in 1996 at the ICBAS (Abel Salazar Biomedical Sciences Institute) with a work on the ideas and practices of lay people in relation to body and health. He has been the head of the General Medicine service since 2000, the director of complementary medicine training practices since 1999 and director of practices in the district of Bragança 2004-2005.

Collaborator of the Faculty of Medicine of Porto, Department of General Medicine, within the framework of the “rural touch” program, which allows students to stay in rural health centers. President of the Scientific Council of Health Piaget Macedo of the Northeast Knights School from 2000 to 2004. Assistant Professor of UTAD of Miranda do Douro since 2003, Coordinator of Health Sub-Region of Braganza from November 2005 to March 2009, was Appointed Executive Director of ACES Northeast in March 2009. She has been President of the town hall of Alfândega da Fé since October 2009.